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One of the powerful features on FleetConsole is the ability to expand or integrate new features on FleetConsole in form of installable add-on modules .

FleetConsole offers a wide-range of add-ons including;

  • GPS Device Modules
  • Add-on Modules
  • Event Hooks
  • Translations and Language Packs

As a FleetConsole developer, you will be able to build different add-on modules as well as offer various services to thousands Sendroid Ultimate users all over the word. Your modules will be listed on the FleetConsole marketplace.

How It Works

  1. You need Register to become a FleetConsole developer. Once you are accepted, you will be able to access our developers dashboard, where you manage your listings
  2. Read our developer guides and tutorials to learn how bud on and with FleetConsole
  3. Develop and test your module using standard coding practice and in line with FleetConsole module requirements
  4. Upload your module in the appropriate category, along with other information required for marketplace listing
  5. You can set a selling price for your module or make it free to download
  6. Because we do not host your files or collect payments on your behalf, you will need to also provide a link to where buyers can purchase or download your module.
  7. We will then review your module for functionality and code standard, after which your module goes life on the marketplace
  8. When a buyer click on the link to buy or download your module, we will simply redirect the buyer to the purchase link you supplied during submission


  • Be seen and accessible by thousands of FleetConsole users from around the world
  • Have your modules and services listed and promoted on the official FleetConsole marketplace
  • Make extra income from developing FleetConsole modules and offering services to users
  • Have full access to all FleetConsole developers resources
  • Stand a chance to work with Ynet Interactive as a FleetConsole specialist

Terms of Use

By becoming a FleetConsole developer, you accept the following terms and conditions;.

  • You must have prior knowledge of web development using PHP
  • Your modules or services should not in any way violate FleetConsole license terms
  • Your module must be built for and in accordance with FleetConsole module standards
  • Your module must be original and must not infringe another author's copyright in any way
  • Your modules must always be as described
  • Your module must not collect or share user's data without the knowledge of the user
  • You must accept the responsibilities of hosting, selling and maintaining your modules
  • Ynet Interactive reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time

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